PBC Today is an online news website and digital publication that operates across the constructionplanning and building information modelling sector. The PBC Today website discusses the latest issues, opportunities and challenges that really matter to those working within construction.

Metatistics were asked to look at their digital products to improve flat-lining web-visitor numbers, user engagement, subscription rates and the overall end user experience.

So how did metatistics grow the readership and distribution for PBC Today and BIM Today?

Digital Audit & Content Marketing Strategy

  • Carried out an extensive digital audit on their old website looking at visitor flow and on-site behaviour.
  • Analysed their online content to understand how users interacted with their website and the various types of available content.
  • Designed a strict new content categorisation and tagging strategy to boost the organic search engine performance of the site.

Website Design

  • Registered a new shorter domain name to allow greater use of domain character length for improved search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Redeveloped their website to make it more user-friendly and mobile responsive for an ever growing mobile audience.
  • Relocated the website to one of our dedicated servers to increase page load speed and site security.
  • Implemented secure browser protocol to meet with the latest required web browser security standards.

Email Marketing

  • Profiled existing newsletter subscribers to gain a clearer picture of their audience, what content they accessed and for how long.
  • Increased newsletter subscriptions by 75% within the first year following the launch of their new website.
  • We also deliver targeted weekly newsletters to key industry stakeholders which includes the latest industry news collated from the website.

SEO Training

  • Trained their team of in-house editors how to increase online visibility and organic search appearance through effective keyword research and technical search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.
  • Showed their team how to monitor and track emerging keyword trends within their sector in order to become more reactive to user interests and trending topics.

Google News Acceptance

  • Submitted their website to Google News and subsequently gaining acceptance in April 2017.
Increase in Weekly Visitors
Increase in Unique Visitors
Increase in Subscriptions
Increase in Sales Revenue

N.B. These statistics are taken from Google Analytics and internal sales figures. They clearly show how a focused and managed approach can help to dramatically increase web traffic and online visibility.